Before 2017 April 15th, one member of each Project Local team will do a presentation of the  GUIDE FOR THE EVALUATION OF THE TEACHING PRACTICE to at least 10 inspectors of his/her country (as a minimum they will be in charge of 100 schools). An evaluation sheet will be given to the participating inspectors, so that they will estimate the impact of the guide/handbook as “it does add value”- “It does not add value” in their duty as Teachers evaluators. 






Local Team representative:

Mr /Ms ………………….

Country: ………………

-The presentation has been carried out.

-At least 70 per cent of inspectors attending the presentation consider that the guide/handbook will provide their assessment processes with an added value.





o    The planned activity has been carried out

o   The planned activity hasn’t been carried out

If second option, please, explain: